Full time orthodontic consultation and service available, all methods of orthodontics , from the conventional metallic bracket systems, ceramic tooth coloured brackets, composite brackets, lingual brackets.


Invisible orthodontics or braceless orthodontics with aligners which avoids all hassles of brackets and bracket induced injuries. Myofunctional treatment with correction is dental and dentoalveolar apparatus at growing age might even avoid an orthodontic treatment at a later stage.


Iplants and implant supported prosthesis are the new trends in the world of dentistry. It has changed the whole process of replacing missing teeth without disturbing the teeth present. Both immediate loading and delayed loading implants are designed here.

Pedodontist handles

Children are in the good care of our pedodontist. He's the best person to deal with children from eruption guidance, serial extraction, myofunctional interceptive treatments, RCT and protective fluoride application.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be performed at the office or at home. It is practised using latest systems with special whitening light or by lasers.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery specialist takes care if maxillofacial surgical needs, impactions, cysts and tumour removals, apicoectomy

RCT or Root Canal

RCT or Root Canal Treatment is performed with safe and latest rotary systems, apex locators and flowable sealants. RCT can also be administered in a single sitting. Metal free ceramic crowns and bridges, best quality zirconia, conventional ceramic prosthesis etc. are used for RCT procedures.

Removable dentures

Removable dentures with flexible design for easy and comfortable usage.